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20 Jan 2021
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January 20th 2021 1015 - 1300 (GMT)

These are dark times in more ways than one. Yet there is a light within humanity that shines forth nonetheless. Faith in the Buddha Dharma is faith in that light. You’re welcome to join us as we explore this theme from Dhanakosa on 20th January.  Smritiratna will lead a meditation, give a short talk and arrange small group reflections so in all these ways we can contemplate this theme throughout the retreat. If you can precede it by scheduling your own meditation and follow it with a contemplative walk in Nature, you’ll be making the most of a special opportunity. Join us at 10.15. Then we lock to the meeting (to avoid the disruption of latecomers) at 10.30 and stay online right through to 1pm. As well as the meditation period there will be hourly breaks built in to refresh your energy. This is a chance to come together in shared practice once more. 

Bookings will close at 4pm on Tuesday 19th January.

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Paying for your retreat

Dhanakosa runs on donations

Dhanakosa does not charge for retreats.  Instead, we ask people to make a donation towards the ongoing cost of running the centre, for everyone.  This recognises that everyone’s financial circumstances are different.  It’s a genuine donation but our suggested donations may serve as a guide.  You are free to decide how much to give.  And we don’t want our doors to be closed to the less well off.

The donations we collect from you on your retreat pay for future retreats.  You are “paying it forward”.  And the retreatants of the future will heartily appreciate your generosity.

To find out more about how donations to Dhanakosa and the Dana Economy click here.

Suggested donations

Booking fees for 2024 and 2025:

  • £100 for week/2 week retreats
  • £75 for weekend retreats

Our suggested donations for 2024 (in addition to the booking fee) are (higher/lower level):

  • Week retreats: £650 / £420
  • Weekend retreats: £300 / £210
  • 2 week retreat: £1100 / £750

Our suggested donations for 2025 (in addition to the booking fee) are (higher/lower level):

  • Week retreats: £670 / £430
  • Weekend retreats: £310 / £215
  • 2 week retreat: £1200 / £800

We ask people to make a donation in advance of arrival, either online or by phone. You can do this by phoning the office or donate online here. Please use the message section of the on-line form, or email us to let us know which retreat you are donating for.

It will also be possible to give a donation while you are here. Donations can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.