Meet the Community

The resident Dhanakosa community consists of 9 people living in the community house behind the retreat centre, and another house on the site, which houses two team members and their two children. There are also two resident cats. 

We are a diverse crew of folks, who practice in the Triratna Buddhist Community, and who see living and working to support retreats as an integral part of our spiritual practice. It provides ample rewards, in terms of supportive conditions like daily meditation, and support to attend retreats throughout the year. As well it offers plenty of challenges providing the groundwork for practice of the ethical precepts of body, speech and mind, which are at the core of Buddhist practice.

Abi Luthmann

Abi works in the garden alongside Dharmavasini, helping to tend this wild and beautiful place. She returned to live and work at Dhanakosa in 2018 after a period away, and originally moved up to Dhanakosa from the south east in 2014. The big landscape here holds her heart and provides a reflection of spaciousness which nourishes her practice.  

Kay Young

Kay is originally from Glasgow where she ran her own business as a mindfulness and meditation teacher. Kay moved here in January 2020 to begin her role as Marketing and Fundraising Manager, as part of the office team. It's always been a dream of hers to live and work here, calling Dhanakosa 'a home away from home'. Her interests include hillwalking and running, nature, reiki and she loves learning new things. Kay continues to run monthly Mindfulness Day Retreats in Glasgow, find out more by visiting her website here.

Ben Jarrett

Ben comes from South Wales and moved to Dhanakosa in 2014. He works as part of the office team. His interests include playing guitar, chanting and appreciation of the arts.

Chris Langley

Chris joined our team in March 2018 and has a role combining reception and housekeeping. He has been practicing Buddhism since 1993, mostly in Triratna. Art is the other half of his life and he finds Dhanakosa an inspiring place to live.


Ex-clown Dharmavasini is usually found with her waterproofs on, digging up weeds, and generally playing in the gardens here at Dhanakosa. Ordained in 2004, she moved here in 2006, and has managed to participate in all the areas of work here while raising two children with Nayaka. She maintains a deep love for the Northern Highlands and Islands, escaping to them whenever she can.

Leif Stamford

Leif came to us via Buddhafield and Windhorse Trading. He is currently in the ordination process and hillwalking locally is a growing interest of his. He works as part of the house and grounds team.

Lisa Lens

Lisa works as Kitchen Manager and Housekeeper. Originally from Argentina, she lived in Barcelona for some years and spent 6 months volunteering with the women of Taraloka retreat centre in Wales where she worked mostly in the kitchen, before making her way north to Dhanakosa in October 2016. Lisa has always been moved by the idea of putting her energy into a project where her practice, living and working can create something really substantial for the benefit of many people. The DK community is the perfect place to make that happen!


Nayaka came to Dhanakosa in 1996 and fell in love with the place; the mountains, the water and, the wilderness. And, as a way of life lived for the benefit of all. He became Centre Director in 2006. Nayaka lives at Dhanakosa with Dharmavasini and their two children.