Jayachitta has been a Buddhist since 1981 and has lived and worked with other Buddhists for a lot of that time. She has a deep love of performance and the infinity of human expression. 2002-4 she trained in physical theatre at Kiklos Scuola in Italy.

Since then she trained in Improvisation with Andrew Morrish, John Britton, Kate Hilder and others. Improvisation, movement and exploring the clown are very important to her as additional approaches to the spiritual life, as they are based in physical expression and play.

She sees them as an interactive way of entering and exploring the space that one discovers in meditation. It's in that spirit of play that we can discover who we are and can be. Please check out her website The Play of Now

dancing the unknown

Friday, 4 March 2016 to Friday, 11 March 2016 2016

This retreat combines meditation with movement improvisation. The atmosphere will be playful and appreciative and is suitable for anyone who wants to explore physical and vocal expression in a supportive environment. Improvisation supports meditation in helping us to be present to the ever-moving mind, allowing thoughts and feelings to come and go, without holding on.

For more information, please read the retreat information sheet.

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