Maitrihridaya encountered Buddhism in her twenties, and has been leading a life increasingly devoted to Buddhist practise since then. She was ordained in 2015 and lives in the north of Scotland with her husband and children, deeply inspired by meditation and the natural world.

Play of the elements

Friday, 22 March 2024 to Friday, 29 March 2024 2024

How do the elements around us, and in us, move, dance, even play? How can we be part of that playful engagement rather than stand apart?

In this retreat we will be taking the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) as our starting point, and explore them in our own bodies, in meditation, in nature and in the way we relate to one another. Practicing in and outdoors, we will research how the elements move us, and move through us, and so, each, find our unique place within the elemental play of the world.

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scottish sangha weekend

Friday, 7 June 2024 to Sunday, 9 June 2024 2024

An opportunity for the Scottish sangha to gather at Dhanakosa for a weekend of collective practice.

This retreat is for people regularly attending centres or groups within the Scottish Triratna Buddhist Community, including mitras and order members.

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